Guide to Random Number Generators (RNG) in Online Casinos

Also called “Random Number Generator”, its abbreviation from English (RNG), random number generators (GNAs) are very important elements in the online gambling industry. In fact, Random Number Generators (RNG) are the “foundation” of all online casinos , without these online entertainment websites would not be fair or fun to play.


Online casinos aim to provide a gaming experience that is as close to that of a land based casino as possible. Since there are certain aspects of live casinos that cannot be played on the Internet, this is not entirely possible. However, for the most part, online casinos do a good job of offering a realistic knockoff.

The most important thing that online casinos have to do well is to make the games they offer behave in essentially the same way as when they are played at physical tables. Since no real cards are dealt, no real dice are rolled and no real roulette wheels are spun, the result of these actions has to be artificially reproduced by the software used to power online casinos. This is done through the use of random number generators.


Random number generators are a vital component of online casino software, as randomness is an integral aspect of casino games. Here’s why randomness is so important and provide a detailed explanation of what exactly random number generators are. We also answer a frequently asked question: are random number generators fair?

Please note that many online casinos now offer live dealer games. These don’t need to use random number generators as they work differently. They present the real dealers running the games in the same way as they would in a land based casino, with the action transmitted to the computer via interactive video.

Why is randomness important?

Casino games are what is known as gambling. This is because it is chance, or luck, that determines whether you win or lose. The outcome of any game is always determined randomly in some way. It can be the turn of a card, the throwing of a dice or the spin of a roulette wheel. Because these actions have random results, you can never accurately predict what will happen.

In certain games you can have some effect on the outcome. Take blackjack, for example. You can choose when you want to order and when you want to stop, and this directly impacts the final results. If you consistently make the right decisions, you can improve your chances of winning. However, you can never be sure which card will be dealt next. You can calculate the probability of what is likely to happen, but the shuffling of the deck makes each card dealt a random event.

Of course, games just wouldn’t work if it were possible to know exactly what’s going to happen. The point of all this is that the results are unpredictable. That’s what gambling is all about, risking money on an uncertain outcome. It is the random nature of casino games that largely, if not totally, makes playing them a lot of fun. The excitement comes from having the opportunity to win some money, and facing the risk of losing, without any direct control over what is going to happen.

Randomness is also what effectively makes it possible to win at casino games. The casino will always win in the long run as they have a built-in edge (the house edge) that effectively puts the odds in their favor. However, because the outcomes of any game are random, this advantage only really applies over a sample large enough that the laws of probability “equalize.” In the short term, it is quite possible for a player to beat the odds and win some money.

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